A sense of space through a virtual tour

A virtual tour creates an intimate and realistic experience of a space and allows your clients to get to know their future home as if they were really there.

Studio Superb’s Virtual Tour

  • Overall sense of the space
  • Materials that feel realistic
  • High level of detail at all angles

Virtual tours allow them to move around the room, home, neighborhood and premises from any location. They work in the same way as our 3D visualized still and moving images. The difference is that they are interactive. This gives your clients the freedom to navigate and get a greater overall sense of the project and get as close to reality as possible, without being there.

The virtual tour is a feature that is well integrated into your property selector, but it can also be used independently, for example for concept visualization, vacation homes, interiors or visualizations of house models. In such case, it is delivered separately as an iframe link. We can design it so that your clients can view the homes or premises from different concepts or styles to get the right feel. It is also possible to view them with or without optional walls.

You can choose to order separate views for e.g. a balcony, an exterior (such as a patio), or a specific room in an apartment. It is also possible to order entire tours with camera points in different rooms or different parts of the project. If you have many images or virtual tours for a single project, we recommend that you ask us to prepare a package price with a comprehensive proposal to cover your needs.

360 and 180 degree Panoramic Images

Panoramic images are 3D visualized images in panoramic format, where you can choose between 180 and 360 degree perspectives. The interactive panoramic images are a more cost-effective product of virtual tours and are ideal for showing, for example, simple rooms or a view of an entire neighborhood or area. The panoramic images can be used in the property selector and the virtual tour, or be delivered separately as an iframe link.


Virtual Tour Combined with Housing Selector


Virtual Tour – 4 Bedroom


Virtual Tour – Studio Loft


Virtual Tour – Optional Wall and Kitchen Variants


360-Degree Panorama – Loft Apartment


Balcony View

Using drone footage and panoramic images, your clients get an accurate picture of the view from their future balcony. 


360 Rotation

360 rotation is a perfect way to show all sides of your product or project in a clear and educational way. It also creates engagement with the user, as it enables them to turn things and look around.