Help your clients choose the right home with our property navigator

We help you sell or rent the right home to the right person. A property navigator does exactly what the name implies. It is a multifunctional virtual tool that uses 3D visualization to allow your clients to visit, examine and choose their home in the project before it is even completed. It is an aid that enables your clients to make an informed decision, especially if they are at a distance for one reason or another.

Superb Units Property Navigator

  • Helps you sell or rent the right home to the right person
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Design customized to seamlessly blend in with your website

Choosing your dream home should be easy

A property navigator should be simple and user-friendly so it can be used and of optimal help to your clients. Unnecessary features that are not used often make things more complicated. That is why we tailor the Superb Units property navigator to your wishes and needs, and ensure it is always responsive so it works equally well on mobile phones, tablets and laptops. We integrate it with your systems and customize the design and fonts so that it blends in with your website.

The images in our property navigator are always of high quality. This makes them multifunctional and allows you to use them in all your marketing images.

Technical advantages of the Superb Units property navigator

Our property navigator is highly customizable in terms of selectable functionality, while maintaining a high level of detail. For each project, you can pick the features that are best suited to the project at hand. A selection of the available features is found below. We are constantly developing new ones, and welcome any suggestions for improvements.

  • Integration with existing system
  • Full responsiveness
  • 360 images
  • Favorites
  • Full screen mode
  • Apartment data
  • Compass
  • GTM script
  • Stage launches
  • Virtual tour
  • Register interest
  • Gallery images
  • Floor plans
  • Apartment status
  • Statistics
  • Panoramic views
  • Categories  
  • Recommend to someone
  • Sun study
  • Housing fact sheet
  • Filtering
  • Drone images


We can offer your web agency the ability to directly modify the stylesheet/css. This should meet all your requirements in terms of appearance, colors and fonts (adapted to your website) and to some extent layout.

Superb Units is delivered as an iframe and can be implemented on your website with “just a few keystrokes”. Our property navigator includes either an administration account or integration with an existing system. It also includes a 12-month support agreement, which means that everything is included for a project launch and ongoing support during the first year – no surprises and no additional costs.


Sun study – how does the sun shine on the property?

With a sun study in your property navigator, your clients can see where the sun lands and what is in shadow at any time and date. You choose the number of times and dates, and we apply the sun study to any of the exterior images.

The sun study usually comes integrated with our property navigator, but you can get a sun study outside of the property navigator if you like, for example as a JPEG or a separate iframe link.