Communicate future residential and commercial properties with architectural visualizations

Architectural visualized images and videos enable you, as a property developer, real estate agency or architectural firm, to give your clients a clear vision of the project and an added value that helps them in their choice of home or commercial premises.

Studio Superb’s architectural visualized videos and images provide

  • Customized solutions for every client regardless of project size.
  • The top property selector on the market to make things easier for your clients.
  • A large furniture library and customized furnishings in the visualizations.

Residential – We create a sense of home

Using architectural visualization, we can communicate your entire project so that your clients can best picture their future home. 
We take pride in always delivering high quality images and create architectural visualizations for both exteriors and interiors, because it is important to get the whole picture since the interior and exterior work in harmony to create a space that your clients want to live in. 

How is collaboration with us structured? 

We always start the collaboration with a kick-off meeting where you tell us your wishes. That is where our work to customize the project and solution to your needs begins. It is important to get the right feel in architectural visualization, and we will always provide suggestions through a number of mood boards with different examples, guiding you in making choices to get the best possible end picture. We take a clear project management role and great responsibility throughout the process, while at the same time enabling you to be highly involved through continuous contact and multiple rounds of feedback. At each stage, you will see how far we have come and provide feedback to ensure we are on the right track. We are able to make changes along the way, centered around your wishes

Architectural visualization of exteriors

Overview image


The exterior creates the first impression of the property If you use our property selector, the overview image is often the first one your clients encounter. 

Human eye perspective

What does the building look like if we stand outside, and what feeling do you want to create with your clients when they get their first impression? We can create architectural visualizations of any type of exterior that you want. We usually recommend two different types – images that focus on the facade in a way that makes all homes in the project visible (referred to as a facade image) as well as images intended to highlight something unique about the property or that aim to create a specific mood (referred to as a hero image). Perhaps the property has an incredible view or a shared roof terrace that should be highlighted?

Property navigator image – Focus on facade

Hero image – Focus on mood and unique selling point

Architectural visualization of interiors


To make it easier for the client to choose a home, you need to create a homey feel that suits your target group. Furnishings should feel modern but at the same time authentic and natural. 
We have a wide range of furniture libraries, and are happy to buy or create interiors specifically according to your wishes. In about 90% of the cases, our clients get the exact pieces they ask for or very similar ones. As a result, we continuously expand our libraries with each project.
Our project managers have extensive experience in the interior design industry and we work with interior designers to keep up to date and ensure high quality. 

Furnishings – Kitchen

Furnishings – Bedroom

Furnishings – Living room

Furnishings – Bathroom

3D floor plan

The floor plan is an important piece of the puzzle for your clients when choosing a home. Using architectural visualization, we create a 3D floor plan that gives a good overview and an overall impression.

3D Planlösning – Standardiserad

We can offer two different types of floor plans:


We use our standardized 3D floor plan or create a customized template for a floor plan for you, which we then use to create all floor plans in your project. This means that we do not need as many rounds of feedback between us because we already have an approved template.


We customize a unique floor plan for each part instead of using a standard template throughout the project. Here, we use multiple rounds of feedback with you, as in all other parts of our work process. 

Commercial premises

Our architectural visualization services are not limited to residential properties. We work in a similar manner for commercial premises. We can produce still images, virtual tours, or animations for your projects.

We have extensive experience working with many different types of commercial premises and always manage to get the right feel to showcase each project in an attractive way.