We communicate ideas through 3D visualization

At Studio Superb, we create 3D visualizations for property developers, real estate agents, furniture manufacturers and architects.

We help you communicate your ideas and projects by placing your product in the environment you want, allowing your clients to imagine their future premises before breaking ground or to get the feel of their home before moving in. We make your ideas real, plain and simple 

  • Customized solutions for every client regardless of project size.
  • Experienced partner who sells your project before the groundbreaking.
  • High-quality deliveries on time, every time.
  • A clear process throughout the project – you save time and money when things are right from the very start.

Personal agency with great possibilities 

We are an accommodating agency that adapts our solutions for 3D visualization to each client and places great emphasis on understanding your needs for the best possible result. 3D visualization is a complex industry, which makes it particularly important to work concretely and systematically and to make a clear project description at the beginning of the process. This saves time and is cost-effective.

We are the partner who takes a project management role for the collaboration with you. We give you a direct contact person, which makes for a pleasant and smooth work process. We work in a structured manner from start to finish, while always being open to changes and seeing flexibility as an important piece of the puzzle in our collaboration. 

Our work is ultimately about delivering high-quality 3D visualizations of images and moving material with the right feel for you and your clients. 

Architectural Visualization

We create the feel of home anywhere. 3D visualization of the exterior, floor plan and interior of premises and homes with customized furnishings for your target group. 

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Property Navigator

Our flexible and customizable property navigator is unique on the market, allowing your client to choose and imagine their future home before it is even built. 

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Virtual Tours

Take your clients on a proper and detailed interactive tour. This gives them the opportunity to “walk around” the premises or home and experience it as close to reality as possible without actually being there. 

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Product Visualization

3D visualization of products for use in marketing materials. We produce still images, virtual tours, dolly shots, moving images or 360 rotation, and can place your product in any environment you wish before it is even finished.

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