“ You don’t take a photograph, you make it ”

When the legendary photographer Ansel Adams coined this phrase, he didn’t realize just how right he would be. Today, an image can be produced and manipulated in infinite ways, and is created as much digitally in front of the computer as in the hands of a photographer.

From the image and beyond

Today, the image is one of the most powerful mediums of communication. In both social and traditional media, the image takes more and more space and place for each day that passes. The explanation for this is that the language of the image is instantaneous and straightforward as well as universal and limitless. All of Studio Superb’s work centers on and around the image. We always strive to deliver attractive images; both regarding quality and feeling, but also regarding price.

Global perspective on quality

People are traveling like never before. In just a few decades, our world has been transformed into one big global smorgasbord. It stands there, heaped with choices available to all travelers with a taste for new experiences, challenges, and enhanced quality of life. With wonder and zest, we enjoy the most beautiful beaches in one country, scaling the highest peaks in another, and exploring the most innovative architectural feats in yet a third country.


Studio Superb has discovered that this globalization can be applied to high-quality design, creativity, and innovation just as well as to traveling. We’ve realized that if you want to find the most beautiful designs, the highest creative quality and the most innovative ideas, you have to look in every corner of the world. So, having the world within easy arm’s reach, Studio Superb can proudly say that we are always working with the most competent and talented within each respective field, regardless of where those with topnotch skills reside.